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SiteKiosk is specialized software for computer terminals which have been installing and using on public places. SiteKiosk is a browser, compatible with Windows 7, fitted with extra devices for a protection of the information \ data base and non – stop work insurance for the kiosk.

Main features:

•  Blocking the terminal under an attempt of an illegal access
•  Checking – up the state of the terminal and restarting if it is necessary
•  Possibility to send an e – mail, a video and a voice mail
•  Internet filters – keeping a list of sites the access in not allowed to
•  Referred internet – sites the access is allowed to
•  Maintenance of the touchscreen, a virtual keyboard and an interface on several languages including Bulgarian
•  Opportunity to enact services paid
•  Statistic report about operations of customers and figures

Метална клавиатура

Metal keyboard

In case of need, to the KIOSKY kiosks can be installed a specialized strong and steady keyboard made of stainless steel and a trackball.

All inscriptions and symbols over the keyboard are embossed, laser engraved and colored. It has been making particularly for kiosk applications and that is the reason some of the standard keyboard's keys to have been missing as Ctrl, Alt, Del , the functional keys, etc. That is being done for with the sole purpose of a better protection of the system against an illegal access.

Keyboard has been offered in a Cyrillic alphabet (Bulgarian – BDS) version as a special key for a quick switching over has been added so to be able to pass on a Roman alphabet and then back to front quicker if you want to.

Interface of the keyboard and the trackball is USB and the operating system has automatically recognized it.

Тъчскрийн монитор

Touch screen monitor

All the samplers of KIOSKY kiosks are finished with monitors walling up of a highest grade and with a quality already proven of Elo.

Walling up monitors of a highest grade allows the terminals' working process to be of long standing and without complications, so as a perfect picture and a touchscreen extremely comfortable for using.

Touchscreen based on the SAW technology (Surface Acoustic Wave) has been used most popularly at information terminals. However, almost the whole bunch of touchscreen technologies is forthcoming such as capacity kind, resistor kind, infrared, etc.

Interface of monitors is USB and operating system has automatically recognized it.

Принтер за вграждане


Printers walling up at the KIOSKY kiosks are laser and thermal.


Interface of printers is USB and operating system has automatically recognized it.

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