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Kiosks assist the better communication with citizens and ensure their optimal service.

Information will be accessible even for disabled people by using kiosks specialized for their needs. Citizens will relieve the state employee duties within due institutions by having direct access to the information they need. Kiosks also offer the citizens quick and easy way to receive information if they have not get an internet access at home.


•  Kiosks for public information
•  Billboards showing events
•  Register procedures
•  Pay up bills and taxation
•  Tourist information
•  City maps
•  Broadcast local news live
•  Digital advertisements
•  Consulting of archives
•  Height-reduced kiosks for disabled persons

Citizens and visitors need to inform themselves as much as they can, so that the economy to be precise. Therefore, kiosks provide the best solution to achieve this objective.


•  Access for everyone
•  Contact between government and citizens is getting better
•  Decreasing of administrative costs
•  Interface easily used
•  Gives up all kind of information on society
•  Kiosks can be integrated in every public building such as city hall, malls, post offices, hospitals and other public areas

Other applications:

Shopping Mall and Retail

Banking and Finance

Tourism and Travel


Telecom Industry

Hotel and Restaurant



Lottery and Gaming
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